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The Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures Website Rules


  • When using our Secret Website please do not use your personal details. Personal details are things that could identify you to other people - like your surname, address, phone number, or school uniform details. Please do not share this information for your own safety. You can tell us your first name, age and whether you are a boy or a girl when you are uploading something to your Digital Notebook or using the Message Us box to send us something.

  • Please only use one account with your Magical Creatures name for your user name. This is for your safety. We will only use information like your age and whether you are a boy or a girl for our research.

  • Please only upload photos to your Digital Notebook that are your own beautiful work i.e. drawings, paintings, writings etc and please don’t upload any photographs that identify you, this is for your own safety. If you do upload photographs of yourself, we hold the right to remove your photograph from your Digital Notebook.

  • Please only upload photos that relate to your creature, things that you have created that you think will help us with our research and responses to the challenges found in your New Challenges area. Please do not upload any photographs that display graphic or unpleasant content.

  • We are excited to hear from you but please only use the Message Us chat feature to tell us stuff about your creature or to ask us questions about our website or how to look after your creature. Please do not use this box to tell us personal details about yourself or anyone in your family or to ask our advice on any personal problems as we will not be able to answer.

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